Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe Level I Introduction, Set-up, Care & Use - No Charge Course  

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This Level I course on the Mentor Visual iQ (MViQ) is modular in design and can be viewed in any order.

The modules are:

01 MViQ Introduction
02 MViQ Instructional Video syllabus
03 MViQ Safety Information
04 MViQ Inspect, Touch, Analyze Architecture Overview
05 MViQ Standard Kit contents & optional accessories
06 MViQ Unpacking & set up
07 MViQ Changing Optical Tips
08 MViQ System Care & Cleaning
09 MViQ Battery Care & Use
10 MViQ User Interface
11 MViQ System Settings
12 MViQ Working with Profiles
13 MViQ Probe Steering & Positioning
14 MViQ Temperature Sensor Warnings_042716
15 MViQ Working with Images Part 1 Freeze Frame Images
16 MViQ Working with Images Part 2 Working with Views
17 MViQ Working with Images Part 3 Image Transformations
18 MViQ Working with Images Part 4 Annotating with Arrows & Text
19 MViQ Working with Video
20 MViQ Managing Files
21 MViQ Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
22 InspectionWorks Connect Overview
23 Activating Trial period for IWC on MViQ
24 Activating a Monthly or Annual License for IWC on MViQ
25 Starting & Stopping an IWC Session
26 IWC Session E-Mail Invitation and Remote Login Overview
27 IWC Browser Session Options
28 MViQ Packing and Storage