Magnetic Particle Testing Levels I & II  

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Course Description

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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is one of the most widely used Nondestructive Tests. It is a quick and effective test for the detection of discontinuities at or very close to the surface of the object being examined. As with PT, MT is usually performed in addition to a volumetric NDT. It is limited to those materials that can be effectively magnetized. Fine ferromagnetic particles are applied to the surface of the magnetized parts and align themselves in areas of magnetic flux leakage – indicating the presence of discontinuities. In this course, the student will learn the principles of magnetism as it relates to the detection of flaws in ferromagnetic materials.

There are a number of techniques that make MT suitable for a wide range parts with various shapes and sizes. MT can be performed with portable equipment or stationary systems. This course will be useful for those pursuing a certification in NDT as well as for supervisors, auditors, and others interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of this unique test method.