Rhythm Review 101 ver. 4.3  

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Course Description

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This is an introductory course for the Rhythm Review software, version 4.3, with topics ranging including DICONDE, Rhythm RT, Review common tools and configuration.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

Define DICOM and DICONDE, and articulate the history and development of the technology

List the advantages of DICONDE and how those advantages apply to the Rhythm Software

Apply DICONDE to real-world situations at work sites, and list the benefits from DICONDE compliant technology, such as Rhythm

Navigate the menus, preferences and common features of Rhythm RT

Setup Rhythm Rt to be able to accept images from either CR or DXR type imaging equipment

Be able to input Component and Technique information completely and accurately, and be able to establish uniformity between RT and Review for easy Study, Series and Instance organizing

Organize the Rhythm Review toolbar with the most common tools used in the field

Use the most common tools of Rhythm Review effectively to examine images

Use the built-in redundancy of Rhythm Review to most effectively navigate the interface and set the layout up in an easy and user-friendly way

Configure the various viewing properties of Rhythm Review that will assist in ease of use of the software

Establish and organize different user profiles for sites with multiple users

Establish user preferences that will allow Rhythm Review to display DICONDE tags, Language preferences, Pop-up menu configurations and to configure Study Status

Dies ist ein Einführungskurs für die Software Rhythm Review, Version 4.3. Er umfasst Unterricht über die Software DICONDE, Rhythm RT, Review samt deren Konfigurationen.