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Penetrant Testing Refresher  

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Course Description

Waygate’s  Refresher courses are completely video based online courses taught by industry- leading instructors.

Each Refresher course is designed for the learner to review the material at their own pace while completing section quizzes and a Final Exam.

These courses are perfect to prepare for Level I/II recertification examinations or for earning credit towards Level III recertification.

Penetrant Testing (PT) is considered by some as an extension to VT. This is a widely used NDT method that is capable of detecting very small discontinuities that are open to the surface and can detect those flaws well below the VT threshold. Virtually any solid, nonabsorbent object can be examined with PT. The two major families of Penetrant Tests include visible and fluorescent penetrants and can be used in remote locations or in the shop. Considered an effective surface NDT method, it is usually used in conjunction with a volumetric method such as Radiographic Testing or Ultrasonic testing. There are a number of techniques that make this method suitable for a wide range of parts, regardless of size or quantity. The student will understand these techniques which will be demonstrated along with a description of widely used applications. This course will be especially beneficial to those who require a thorough understanding of the method as well as those pursuing certification. Managers, engineers and audit personnel will also find this course very useful.