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Ultrasonic Testing (UT): Ultrasonic Testing Level 1

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Ultrasonic Testing Level 1.

Course Description


Physikalische Grundlagen der Ultraschallprüfung, Grundlagen der Prüftechnik, Senkrecht-, Winkel- und SE-Prüfköpfe, Justierung einer Prüfeinrichtung, einfache Empfindlichkeitsjustierung, Auffinden und Orten von Ungänzen, Bewerten nach vorgegebenen Kriterien, Protokollführung. Normen, Spezifikationen, Regelwerke und Objektkenntnisse.ASNT SNT TC 1A, 2011 issue

Ultrasonic Testing Level I is a course is designed to teach both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the Level I technician.  Upon completion, the student will be able to set up equipment, calibrate, and perform tests according to recognized procedures under the supervision of Level II or Level III technicians. Waygate Technologies'sInspection Academy provides significant lab time learning with the instruments, more than in comparable courses taught elsewhere. Topics include:

  • Ultrasonic theory
  • Instrument operation
  • Inspection parameters
  • Thickness testing
  • Straight beam flaw detection and sizing
  • Calibration techniques for straight beam, dual element, delay-line, and angle beam transducers

This 40-hour course meets the criteria of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, 2011 issue.




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