Durchstrahlungsprüfung (RT): Europe - Film & Digital Radiography (Basic Course) - Hands on

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Scope:   Hands-On training focused on basic application settings and tips and tricks for film and for digital radiography exposures (CR & DR).
Course content: Every practical module gets introduced by a short theory refreshment. The following modules will be covered in detail: Film exposures, film scanners, CR exposures, DR exposures, basic software tools, sources, application standards, casting exposures, erosion & corrosion applications, welds …                                           

Who should attend: everybody who makes their first practical steps in Radiography (Level I) or Level II whom transition from film and make their first steps into digital (CR/DR), … the course is open to Customers, GE employees, Dealers

Duration: 5 days

We strongly recommend a theoretical Radiography Level I basic knowledge before entering the course. Discounted price if trainee has completed eLearning Radiography I or II (see eLearning offering on  www.waygateinspectionacademy.com) prior to registration - contact us.

Please contact johan.grauls@ge.com for more information.