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Radiographic Testing (RT): Digital Film Interpretation

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Digital Film Interpretation.

Course Description

Waygate Technologies’ Digital Radiographic Film Interpretation Course (5-day) revamps the classic film interpretation course by adding digital radiography & imaging software. Students will utilize GE's Rhythm software on provided laptop computers throughout the course.  This course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for correct viewing and interpretation of weld radiographs gained using digital radiography & classic film.  Emphasis is on radiographic interpretation of welds, however the class is a good intro to digital radiography. Laptops with GE Rhythm software will be provided for the class. Subjects covered include:

  • Film processing, viewing & Interpretation
  • Digital Radiography (CR, DR & Film Digitizers)
  • Digital Raw Image & Artifacts
  • Software tools & filters
  • Digital Reference Radiographs of Steel castings
  • Radiography codes, Interpretation & acceptance criteria for weldments

This is not a Maintenance and Repair Course

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