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Ultraschallprüfung (inklusive Phased Array): MENAT - Phased Array Week 1

Derzeit sind keine Kurse für MENAT - Phased Array Week 1.


Waygate’s 80 Hour Phased Array Course teaches the fundamentals of Phased Array technology in an 80-hour instructor-led course. Students will learn the principles of the technology, and detailed operation of the instrument and probes. This class is designed to keep a very low student-to-instrument ratio for a more hands-on, practical learning experience. Other subjects covered in the course include:

  • Sector, Linear & Top view Scans
  • Angle Beam calibrations using Phased Array
  • Flaw Sizing with Phased Array
  • Phased Array in lieu of Radiography
  • Weld inspection & weld flaw image interpretation
  • Encoders
  • Overview of inspection codes

This course is Week 1 and will comprise the first 40 hours of the 80-hour course.

Contact Inspection.Academy@bakerhughes.com to schedule a course, or for more information.