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Eddy Current Testing (ET): MENAT - Eddy Current Testing Level I

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for MENAT - Eddy Current Testing Level I.

Course Description

Waygate’s Eddy Current Testing Level 1 course teaches the fundamentals of eddy current testing. Students will learn the principles of the technology and application of the method. The course includes hands-on training and inspection of test parts with known defects. The basic concepts covered are: 

  • Introduction to eddy current testing physics and controlling principles
  • Electromagnetic theory related to generation of eddy currents
  • Material factors affecting eddy current fields
  • Impedance factors affecting eddy current fields
  • Properties of eddy currents
  • Types of eddy current probes and equipment
  • Selection of inspection parameters
  • Readout mechanisms for eddy current indications
  • Applications of eddy current testing

This 40-hour course meets or exceeds the requirements of SNT-TC-1A.

Contact Inspection.Academy@bakerhughes.com to schedule a course, or for more information.