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Radiographic Testing (RT): Digital Radiographic Interpretation - 3 days NEW!

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Digital Radiographic Interpretation - 3 days NEW!.

Course Description

Waygate Technologies’ Digital Radiographic Interpretation 3-day course is a Non-Film Radiographic Interpretation & Evaluation Class.  This course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for correct viewing and interpretation of weld radiographs gained using digital radiography.   The course is for those with a minimum of RT Level I. Laptops with Waygate Rhythm software will be provided for the class. Subjects covered include:


•          Intro to Digital Radiography (CR, DR & Film Digitizers)

•          Digital Raw Image & Artifacts

•          Waygate Rhythm Software tools & filters

•          Digital Reference Radiographs of Steel castings

•          Radiography codes, Interpretation & acceptance criteria for weldments


This course is structured to meet and exceed the requirements of The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) recommended practice SNT-TC-1A – 24 hour course and covers the topical outline of AST/ANSI CP-105  for Radiographic Interpretation & Evaluation

This is not a Maintenance and Repair Course