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Radiographic Testing - Distance Learning (RT): Advanced Digital X-ray -- Level III

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Advanced Digital X-ray -- Level III.

Course Description

This is a live webinar class conducted remotely.

Trainees must have a webcam to attend this course. Trainee's webcam must be on for the duration of this class to get credit for taking the course & to be given access to quizzes & final exam.

The final exam will be conducted online, on this website. Webcam must be on during exam.

The lab portion will be pre-recorded video & student lab assignments monitored remotely by the instructor. You will need to have access to your x-ray equipment for a minimum of 4 hours on the 4th day of class. We understand it can be a challenge to get access to x-ray equipment during class time. In this case, the lab exercises can be done as homework to review in class during lab time.

A classroom version of this class is available, if not currently scheduled, please request it. 

This class can also be offered at your business location. Please contact us to arrange training at your location.


This 5-day (40-hour) NAS410-style course is designed to provide each student with the technical information required to properly evaluate, qualify, and implement various digital X-ray technologies in a production NDT environment.  Daily tests and a final examination will be administered to ensure each student’s comprehension of the course material.

Course Highlights:

Digital Detector Array Flat Panel Digital Radiography (DDA/DR)

  • General DDA/DR technology overview
  • Detector comparisons and selection criteria
  • Detector calibration and long-term stability testing
  • Technique and procedure development considerations

Computed Radiography (CR)

  • General CR technology overview
  • CR scanner comparisons and operation criteria
  • Imaging plate comparisons and selection criteria
  • Technique and procedure development considerations
  • Qualification of CR systems using applicable industry standards

General Digital X-ray Imaging Topics

  • Measuring image fidelity
  • Visual perception and monitor selection/testing
  • Image processing (post processing) advancements and proper usage guidelines
  • Full review of all relevant digital X-ray industry standards
  • Introduction to Computed Tomography (CT)