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Ultrasonic Testing - Distance Learning (UT): Ultrasonic Testing - Level II

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Ultrasonic Testing - Level II.

Course Description

This is a live webinar class conducted remotely.

Trainees must have a webcam to attend this course. Trainee's webcam must be on for the duration of this class to get credit for taking the course & to be given access to quizzes & final exam.

The final exam will be conducted online, on this website. Webcam must be on during exam.

The lab portion will be live insructor led lab exercises. About 40% of the class time is lab work on the UT instrument. 

The instructor will use a Waygate Technologies instrument, such as USM Go or similar. 

You must have your own equipment to attend this class. Any modern ultrasonic flaw detector is welcome.

You will need the following:

  • A modern UT flaw detector instrument with at  least 1 gate & digital readout for measurements
  • Transducers- 2.5 MHz  and 5 MHz straight beam.
  • Transducers - 2.25 MHz or 5 MHz  70 degree angle beam (steel). 
  • Steel IIW or DSC block
  • A steel step wedge with 5 steps from .100” to .500” (size recommended, can be different).
  • A steel rectangular block (DAC block) with at least the following measurements as minimum.  1/2 inch thick x 1 inch wide x 6 inches long.  With at least 2 Side Drilled Holes (SDH) at 2 different depths. The SDHs will be on opposite ends of the block.
  • Wax pencil
  • Masking tape - 1/2 inch


  • 5mhz Delay Line
  • 5mhz Dual probe
  • Weld sample - groove weld

A classroom version of this class is available, with all the required equipment provided for each individual student. If the classrtoom version is not currently scheduled, please request it. This class can also be offered at your business location with all the required equipment shipped to your location. Please contact us to arrange training at your location.. 


Waygate’s Ultrasonic Testing Level II course is intended to provide a continued thorough grounding in the principles of Ultrasonic Testing and fundamentals of materials and processes. The student will be able to identify and analyze materials, and determine and apply proper inspection techniques.  As in the Level I course, Waygate's Inspection Academy will provide more lab time learning with the instruments than comparable course offerings taught elsewhere. Subjects covered in this course include:

  • Angle beam flaw location and evaluation
  • Special instrument features
  • Equipment quality control
  • Flaw, sizing, manufacturing processes & their flaws
  • Proper and correct ultrasonic inspection
  • Mathematics of ultrasonics

This 40-hour course meets the criteria of ASNT SNT-TC-1A, 2020 issue.

This is not a Maintenance and Repair Course