Mentor iQ Video Probe Modular Curriculum: Mentor iQ Modular Curriculum - Module 5

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Mentor iQ Modular Curriculum - Module 5.

Course Description

This Mentor iQ Course Series is an Instructor-led, distance-learning modular course for the Mentor iQ VideoProbeTM.

This module is four (4) hours in length.

The Student who successfully completes a 4-hour session, passes all quizzes and a module's exam will receive a certificate of completion for four (4) contact hours for that completed module.

Successful completion also requires each Student to have their own web camera and audio active during a module.

Module 5 for the Mentor iQ will address Stereo & Real3D Phase Measurement, and will include these topics 
Real3D Phase Measurement
• Phase Measurement Theory
• Best Practices for obtaining precise and accurate measurement results
• Working with the Point Cloud
• Note: Real3D Phase only available in MViQ Modules
Inspection Manager
• Installation & set up on pc
• Remeasurement
        o 3D Phase Measurement