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Everest Mentor Flex Modular Curriculum - VCP: Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™ Modular Curriculum - VCP: Module 5 – Practical Skills

Course Schedule

Location: Online

Start Date
N/AFebruary 22 (2023)

Course Description

Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™ Modular Curriculum - VCP: Module 5 – Practical Skills

  • Please only select this course if you have purchased a Visual Care Plan and have been issued training credits. The training credits you have been issued are eligible to be redeemed towards enrollment in this course.

Course Description

The Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™ Modular Course Series is an instructor-led, distance-learning course consisting of five (5) separate modules. Any module can be taken at any time, in any order, though having a working knowledge of materials presented in prior modules is encouraged.

This modular program offers students the option to complete a full class series or, to focus on specific areas of interest in using best practices with a VideoProbe™ while performing Remote Visual Inspections.

The student who successfully completes a 4-hour session, passes all quizzes and a module's exam will receive a certificate of completion for four (4) contact hours for that completed module.

Successful completion also requires each student to have their own web camera and audio active during a module. Having access to a VideoProbe will enhance the learning experience.

Module 6 is four (4) hours in length.

Module 6 is focused on students developing hands-on skills with Stereo measurement technologies. Students will be presented several practical exercises to develop their skills in obtaining meaningful measurement results.

Students will practice sharing their measurement results, explaining the various measurement types and how they achieved the measurement data they are presenting.

Students are highly encouraged to have access to an Everest Flex VideoProbe, and Inspection Manager re-measurement software, installed on their PC prior to the class, to enhance your learning experience.