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XL Flex/XL Flex+/XLVuD Modular Curriculum - VCP: XL Flex/XL Flex+/XLVuD Modular Curriculum Module 1- VCP

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for XL Flex/XL Flex+/XLVuD Modular Curriculum Module 1- VCP.

Course Description

Please only select this course if you have purchased a Visual Care Plan and have been issued training credits. The  training credits you have been issued are elligible to be redeemed towards enrollment in this course.

This XL Flex / XL Flex + / XLVuD Course Series is an Instructor-led, distance-learning modular course for the XL Flex / XL Flex + / XLVuD VideoProbe™.

This Modular Program offers Students the option to complete a full class series or, to focus on specific areas of interest in using Best Practices with a VideoProbe™ while performing Remote Viusal Inspections.

Module 1 is four (4) hours in length.

The Student who successfully completes a 4-hour session, passes all quizzes and a module's exam will receive a certificate of completion for four (4) contact hours for that completed module.

Successful completion also requires each Student to have their own web camera and audio active during a module.

Module 1 will address Safety, Kit Contents, Correct Packing & Unpacking of your System and will include these topics:
• System Overview
• Optics 101
• System Safety Notes
• System Kit Contents
• System Unpacking and Inventory
• Correct system storage
• System Care
• Insertion Tube Care
• Optical Camera and Tip Care & Cleaning
• Battery Care