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XL Flex/XL Flex+/XLVuD Modular Curriculum - VCP: XL Flex / XL Flex+ / XLVuD Modular Curriculum Module 5 - VCP

Derzeit sind keine Kurse für XL Flex / XL Flex+ / XLVuD Modular Curriculum Module 5 - VCP.


Please only select this course if you have purchased a Visual Care Plan and have been issued training credits. The  training credits you have been issued are elligible to be redeemed towards enrollment in this course. 

This XL Flex / XL Flex + / XLVuD Course Series is an Instructor-led, distance-learning modular course for the XL Flex / XL Flex + / XLVuD VideoProbe™.

This Modular Program offers Students the option to complete a full class series or, to focus on specific areas of interest in using Best Practices with a VideoProbe™ while performing Remote Viusal Inspections.

Module 5 is four (4) hours in length.

The Student who successfully completes a 4-hour session, passes all quizzes and a module's exam will receive a certificate of completion for four (4) contact hours for that completed module.

Successful completion also requires each Student to have their own web camera and audio active during a module.

Module 5 is focused on using Stereo measurement. Students will be presented a number of practical exercises to develop their skills in obtaining meaningful measurement results.

Students will also practice sharing their results, explaining the various measurement types and how they achieved the measurement data they are presenting.